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What Does The Future Hold For Climate Change?

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And in these last days of 2013 we’ve been having conversations about the future. Rather than grand predictions, we’ve been seeking a realistic assessment of what lies ahead. So far we’ve explored cybersecurity, we’ve looked at the changing electorate. When it comes to climate change, the topic for today, Andrew Steer of the World Resources Institute told my colleague Steve Inskeep that the trends don’t look very good.


ANDREW STEER: And I don’t want to imply we are heading in the right direction. We are not. We’re heading in the wrong direction at the moment. We’re heading for three degrees Celsius, four degrees Celsius.



You’re talking about the increase in the average global temperature.


STEER: It’s the increase in the average temperature, and associated with that, of course, a lot more extreme weather events which we’re seeing already. Associated with that will be a, you know, perhaps a one meter rise in sea level. And most cruel of all associated with that, shifts in rain patterns. And so add these together and agricultural yields in poor areas of Africa will fall by 30 percent.


And these farmers today can’t even hardly eke out a living as it is.”

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